Travel is the #1 activity that people look forward to in retirement. Help your clients realize their Return on Life™

What is Virtuoso? 

Virtuoso is the leading network of luxury travel advisors and providers – representing the best of the best in global luxury brands. Accessible by invitation only, the organization is composed of elite travel specialists whose relationships with the world’s finest travel companies provide the network’s clientele with exclusive amenities, rare experiences and privileged access.

What is the purpose of the merrill lynch/virtuoso partnership?

As a trusted advisor you know that the value you bring to your clients is not just about navigating markets and maximizing returns, it’s about helping them realize their priorities at every stage of they can achieve their greatest Return On Life™. Merrill Lynch research has shown that travel is the #1 topic of discussion in a deeper conversation about the “Leisure Life Priority". By partnering with Virtuoso, Merrill Lynch has provided you with access to a team member to help enrich one of your clients' most valuable non-renewable assets – their leisure time.

what is a priority travel specialist?

In partnering with Merrill Lynch, Virtuoso has designated a handful of their very best travel professionals to be part of the program. Like a valued financial advisor, this subset of specialists are entrusted with managing the most valuable of assets at the highest professional standards in their industry. They provide advice, access, advocacy and accountability at every step of the travel planning process.

what to expect when working with cate caruso - your designated priority travel specialist

Cate Caruso

Cate brings to her role of Priority Travel Specialist skills honed during a professional career in project management in a variety of industries including enterprise technology systems, integrated architectural design systems and corporate media management for public broadcasting. Cate’s skills have transitioned seamlessly to her work as a Virtuoso travel advisor. With her passionate belief in the power of travel to change lives, Cate is honored to have this important role in the partnership. 

Next steps?

Feel free to connect with Cate at any time to discuss how this partnership works and how it can benefit you and your clients.
Email Cate here....and, in the meantime, below are a two downloads that you might find useful.

Virtuoso Travel Advisor

click below to View the latest edition of Virtuoso Life Magazine - then ask how you can send the merrill lynch co-branded version to your clients - demonstrating that you are keeping their life priorities in mind.