"Every journey begins with a single step." -Maya Angelou


At every step, we help discerning travelers experience more of this world than they ever dreamed possible, so that every trip takes you on a true journey of discovery. 

Step 1:

Discovering your travel style – How do you feel about planning travel? What was your favorite trip and why? What are your dreams for this journey? These are just a few of the things we will talk about during our first discussion. We’ll get to know each other and we’ll clarify your vision. At the end of this discovery step, which generally takes about 15 to 30 minutes, we will both have a good understanding of how we will work together and move along to the design phase.

Step 2:

Designing your travel – What will this trip look like? Simple? Just a fabulous hotel in a breathtaking place with instant VIP treatment and the perks to go with it? Or, complex? Planes, trains, automobiles and everything in between? This is where collaborating with Virtuoso makes all the difference! We are people working with people in every corner of the globe. Our industry connections guarantee access to some of the best trips, hotels and VIP experiences around the world.

Step 3:

Reserving your travel – After we have identified the right trip at the right price, the booking process begins. It is now all about dates, details and deadlines. Our job is to take the stress out of travel planning by attending to the minutiae of the trip, so you can relax and enjoy the fun of anticipation! We will provide you with your custom itinerary, any necessary travel documents, and other reference materials that will enrich your experience. 

Step 4:

Keeping an eye on your travel – While you are off on your dream adventure, we continue to work in the background on your behalf – connecting with our colleagues who are taking care of you on your trip, smoothing any bumps in the road, and finding little ways to make your journey special. 


Step 5:

When you come home – Before “real” life takes over again and those memories fade, let’s have a welcome back discussion about your experience – what you loved, what you might have changed, and things that we both learned along the way that can enhance your next adventure.