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True Stories

All that glitters.....a day in Old Town and a night in the desert

Cadence Travel

There was more than the glittering Burj Khalifa, fortunately.  We had a last splendid day in the old town of Dubai where we were hosted and the Sheik Muhhamed Center for Cultural Understanding...

...and enjoyed a beautiful Bedouin style meal served, as tradition requires, by the men.

Meanwhile, the very lovely young woman gave us an open invitation to ask any and all questions. A lively discussion was had!  These young Muslims don't shy away from even the most inflammatory issues...woman's rights, homosexuality, traditional dress, the Arab Spring...just to name a few.  She fielded the questions with graciousness and patience.

Later that evening we spent the better part of the night dining on more traditional Bedouin food and star gazing in the desert area called The Empty Quarter. A sublime ending to a fascinating two days....I wouldn't have missed this opportunity...this is why I travel.  Mind opening...heart opening....

the cultural center....a night in the desert...