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True Stories

First flight on Emirates...first impressions

Cadence Travel

My first encounter with an Emirates representative was not favorable. He was a snippy, unsmiling, unfriendly ticket agent who did not set me up for a warm and cuddly experience.  I was to see more of this kind of attitude in board the almost 16 hour flight.  Pleasant and professional air staff can make or break an airline experience,regardless of the "bells and whistles" of the aircraft. This staff wasn't completely awful, there were a few smiles and occasionally pleasant demeanors but as a whole they did not present "award winning service" as the captain so confidently prepared us for upon departure.

The economy class cabin aboard this mammoth craft had an upscale feel to it, with each generous seat adorned with welcoming pillows, blankets, headsets, and a small zipped kit which included eyeshades, a clever toothbrush/ toothpaste combo, and cosy socks. It fit perfectly in the little seat back pocket and I quickly figured I'd use it for other little odds and ends - Chapstick, lotion, and earplugs.  Out come my travel slippers, inflatable pillow, iPad (free wifi on the flight!) - all set!

And, just in case I didn't have enough to keep me busy with all that I had prepared to do with the wifi, there was always the personal entertainment system named ICE (Information Communication Entertainment) loaded up with  hundreds of movies, games, TV shows etc. enough to keep a couch potato happy for weeks.

The coolest part of this system are the three outside cameras which give you various views of takeoff and flight.  Watching this giant take off from the vantage point of the tail mounted camera was quite a thrill....

The lift of this plane is unlike any I have felt before...enormous power was evident, but also smoothness and grace. Really quite thrilling.

As I write this we are preparing for landing. All in all, not a bad experience, although the wifi never did work and my ICE system crashed about four hours from Dubai.  My socks became soaked during one bathroom stop, and I pray that it was just water swamping the bathroom floor.  On the subject of bathrooms, the ones in the rear of the plane had full length mirrors, lotion and a pleasant smelling spray.

Tray tables up, wheels down...hello Dubai!!