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From South Africa to England...a different kind of travel coming up.Garden fans take note!

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Great Gardens of England - a short list...

When I saw the invitation arrive in my email box last November I was absolutely thrilled.  Here was an opportunity to take a study tour of the Great Gardens of England in April with two of the travel industry's premier destination specialists for the United Kingdom. A small but merry band of advisors who specialize in garden journeys will be experiencing a few choice gardens in the English countryside.  Though the list of great gardens in England is very long, we will be concentrating on these specific destinations: (Note: clicking on the green text will take you to a web page with more information)....

Gravetye Manor

This was the home of the iconic English garden designer, William are a few words from the website..."The gardens at Gravetye Manor are a very special place and can be considered amongst the most influential in English gardening history. The manor became the home of the creative, innovative and revolutionary gardener, William Robinson in 1884. Robinson spent his remarkable life as a professional gardener and botanist, but made his fortune through writing about his experiences and ideas on horticulture. His most notable works include The English Flower Garden, which is one of the best-selling horticultural books of all time, and the hugely influential title, The Wild Garden."

Next we are off to Barnsley House in the Cotswolds....

...these gardens were designed by Rosemary Verey, a garden designer of great distinction..."Rosemary Verey was a garden designer, lecturer and prolific garden writer. Rosemary began designing the Barnsley House gardens in the 1950s and went on to design many more gardens, both here in the UK and internationally – including the famous New York Botanical Gardens, as well as gardens for Prince Charles, Sir Elton John and Princess Michael of Kent."

Calcot Manor is next...not too far from the Barnsley House...

...once settling in here we will be off to see this incredible garden destination...Highgrove Gardens.

And, finally, we're off to Hartwell House...a little closer to London in the county of Buckinghamshire...

This will be our base of operations for our visits to Oxford and the gardens at Worcestor College, reputed to be the oldest garden in England.  Here our host will be Simon Bagnall, Head of Gardens.  An article in Country Life magazine discusses this lovely garden...Is this the oldest garden in England?

And, while there we will also visit the gardens at Haseley Court hosted by the owner, Fiona Heyward.

So many gardens, so little time! Only four days, but chock full of learning about this amazing garden destination. My plan is to next year offer a hand-crafted garden journey of my own. In the meantime, I invite you to join me on this virtual journey via my blog!