"It's not on any map,
true places never are."
- Herman Melville

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How will you find your true places?

True Places Travels is a travel planning company designed to help discerning travelers experience more of this world than they ever dreamed possible. Our goal is to ensure every trip becomes a true journey of discovery for our clients.

Through passion, personalized service & partnerships, discover how working with a specialized travel planning company can open doors to your travel dreams.


We believe...

That travel connects us to each other, to ourselves, and to this remarkable world that we call home.

We believe...

That travel opens our hearts and minds to our world, and to the people who share it with us.

We believe...

That travel matters and is a force for good in this world....and if you believe this, too, then we look forward to working with you!



“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves.” -Pico Iyer

Why work with a travel consulting firm?

Working with True Places Travels allows you to experience the world in ways you never knew possible. We take every journey from inspiration to fulfillment, customizing the perfect trip to match your travel style.

Our consultative approach to travel planning allows us to understand your unique desires for your journey, and takes the guesswork out of the planning process. When it comes time to travel, you will have a unique and customized itinerary tailored to your needs. Meanwhile, we keep an eye on your journey along the way, smoothing any "bumps in the road" should they happen.

And finally - we know travel...it is our passion and purpose.  You can't Google creativity and imagination - things that we add to the mix to make every journey extraordinary.


Cadence Travel - Cadence is one of the leading travel management companies in the business bringing world class technology tools, team resources and a culture of excellence to the True Places Travels business model.

Virtuoso - Virtuoso provides the global relationships that truly make the world go around for our travelers. Virtuoso is the world's leading network of luxury travel providers - an invitation-only collection of the best of the best in hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more. Our membership connects us to people all over the globe who elevate experiences for our clients, transforming journeys through VIP upgrades and exclusive amenities that simply aren’t available when booking yourself. Click below to see some of the perks you can expect.


Our process

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“The first great joy of traveling is simply the luxury of leaving all my beliefs and certainties at home.”
-Pico Iyer


How do you define luxury?

For some, luxury means unplugging from all their electronic gadgets – for others, that sounds like pure torture.

For some, luxury means a private butler to unpack your suitcase and serve you champagne – for others, a tent with a killer view and a mosquito net is preferable.

For some, luxury means a quiet afternoon alone in a perfect French bistro with a glass of wine, watching the world go by while catching up on journaling – for others, a full day of interacting with the locals and making new friends is far better.

Vive la différence!

But for most, luxury is having every detail covered, so you can truly enjoy your experience, worry-free.

At True Places Travels our goal is to discover your definition of luxury. If you haven’t thought about it…we invite you to connect with us and let’s talk about how every journey can, and should, have an element of luxury.





“Follow your heart, it knows the way.” - Inspiration from Rumi and The Dalai Lama


Let's get started - what are you looking for?


If you have a question about what it is like to work with True Places Travels, or any other quick inquiry, click here to send me an email and I will respond within 48 hours. 

No problem! Whether you are looking to book a quick hotel stay or you want to research tours/hotels/cruises in the destination of your dreams, click here for the information you need. 

True Places Travels thrives on designing journeys that are personalized to the unique preferences of each traveler. Click here to fill out a traveler profile, so that we can kick things off and take your dream from inspiration to fullfilment! 


“Traveling...it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller" - Ibn Battuta

Listen to what clients of true places travels have to say!

Patient & Experienced travel advisor

"Cate is a wonderful person to work with who knows her stuff. She's was very attentive to our wishes as well as mindful of details that made a difference. She took the time and patience to get to know us well enough to understand our preferences for every aspect of our trip." - Bill S.


A generous and dedicated listener

"Cate is an amazing Travel Advisor. We had the most wonderful experience working with Cate - who put together our trip in April/May 2018 to Montenegro, Croatia, and Northern Italy, including Venice, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. We collaborated with Cate over the course of many months to create an itinerary that absolutely met our needs. Cate is a generous listener and dedicated to the highest levels of customer service - she is such a pleasure - and now a dear friend! We highly recommend Cate!!! With sincerest of thanks!" - Carol and Ron

Anniversary Trip with VIP Perks

"If it weren't for Cate we would not have had an anniversary get away at all... let alone leave the country and experience a whole new world together! We are so busy between our business and our five children, and we unfortunately think of vacation after it's too late--celebrating our anniversary is no different. Starting with proactive outreach months earlier, asking a lot of questions to learn about who we are, and LISTENING, she built us the perfect simple get away! We loved the excursions and exploring restaurants (and the car waiting for us when we landed!). But what we loved most was a total surprise... the hotel was beautiful and Cate surprised us with a few "Virtuoso Upgrades." Because of Cate and her Virtuoso upgrade, we woke up each morning in a select suite and sat on an exclusive deck at the Fairmont overlooking the water, eating, drinking and just talking about life... and our next vacation!! Thank you Cate! We can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!" - Chris & Asia

Dream Vacation to Bora Bora

"Cate Caruso did a fabulous job on our trip to Bora Bora. Because it is an area of the world with which we are not familiar, it was comforting to know we had a "pro" coordinating our hotel, dinner reservations, and activities. Cate also provided a nice phone app named Axus that was helpful in keeping us on schedule while on the trip. Typically we have done most of our own travel planning, but having Cate as our planning advisor took all the stress out of our busy lives. I am certain our trip would not have been as coordinated or enjoyable if we had not had Cate doing the leg work. Thank you Cate, for all your hard work to help make this trip truly our "dream vacation" of a lifetime!"

Spring break in Arizona

"Cate is awesome! She took the time to get to know our family and how we like to travel before making any recommendations. She made sure our accommodations at the Fairmont were perfect and that we were completely satisfied. We can't wait until the next adventure that Cate plans for us as we know it will be a great fit!" - Chris

Anniversary trip to bermuda

"My husband and I worked with Cate for our first anniversary trip to Bermuda. She was simply amazing. Arranged a sweet surprise for us when we arrived, got us better rates than any deal I could find online, and even checked in with us when our trip was at risk of being disrupted by a hurricane. She was always super responsive and lovely to talk to. Can't recommend her enough!"

Always goes the extra mile!

"After dealing with many travel agents over the years, I feel qualified to pronounce Cate in a class by herself. Her knowledge, general sense of courtesy, and her willingness to always go the extra mile for her clients make her an absolute Pleasure to interact with."